I have a theory that unhappiness, dissatisfaction, underachievement, relationship issues addiction and pretty much all social ills are caused by some degree or another by a lack of connection to self, to others and to the world.

By connection I mean awareness through understanding yourself – knowing who you are and what you believe; knowing what motivates and drives you; Connecting deeply to purpose; knowing where and when you open up and how you close down; understanding how you hold energy in your body and increasing your capacity to do so, being able to listen to your guiding intuition. And from that place of understanding and integration, being able to connect far deeper to others around you and create bigger and more powerfully in the world.

Incredible is possible.

I invite you to open the box of connection and dive into a far deeper experience than you might have previously considered.

So where are you at right now in your life? Are you satisfied with your career path, your relationships and your daily choices? Are you able to ask for what you desire and take action on it? Are you operating from a place of clarity and strong self belief?

Or do you have a sense that something is missing?

Here are some barometers for how much connection you are currently allowing:

When did you last start a conversation with someone you don’t know?

When did you last meet another person’s eyes on public transport, or as you were walking down the street?

How deeply do you listen to others in conversation without letting your own ‘stuff’ get in the way or trying to fix for others?

When did you last sit still and quiet with absolutely no distractions?

When was the last time you were really ‘present’ with another human being?

How intimate and vulnerable do you allow yourself to be?

How much do you trust yourself?

Most people are very adept at keeping themselves away from deep connection as they fear there are parts of themselves that are not acceptable to the world. But when you allow all parts to be integrated into the whole, incredible shifts occur in how you feel and the increased energy that becomes available, but also in how you are able to relate and create in the world in a different way.

Choose to live your highest self. Connect into who you truly are. Create the life you most dream of living.

I’m currently writing a book on this subject and I’d love to hear how this resonates with you, so do feel free to drop me a line here and tell me how these themes show up in your life.  And if I can support you in any way on your journey to Connected Success do let me know. Perhaps we will start the discussion that can lead you to the next stage in your life.

Because the world is a magical place when you connect into the wonder that we live within.

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