Do you want to create an incredible, inspiring life for yourself, for the people around you or even for the world at large?

Are you hungry to create and live each day as if your life is unfolding beyond what you ever thought possible for yourself?

Do you want to live a richer, more heart-felt, authentic and soul centered life?

My clients all have one thing in common – all suspect that more is possible in their world.  And that is my gift as a coach –  with the right support you can live into that wonderful possibility.  In fact, I’m going to demand more. I’ll push you up against your edge of possibilities.

I’m not like other coaches.  My unique approach brings together a powerful combination of qualifications, unconventional tools and an intuitive ability to get my clients to work at a deeper level for a greater degree of inner and outer success.

But, working with me is not for everyone – I only have 5 one-to-one clients at any one time as I like to create space to support each individual deeply.

I especially love seeing my clients go on to create world-changing legacy businesses or non-profits. If you have a burning desire to create something greater than yourself – something that will be remembered when you are gone – then we should talk.

If we choose to work together I require 100% commitment, 100% passion and 100% readiness. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have an off day, but it means you have an overpowering commitment to growth. We all feel fear and we all have highs and lows, however, my clients don’t let that get in the way of creating an incredible life. When something sticky comes up we handle it so it no longer holds you back.

I would like to invite you to consider that your biggest vulnerability is your biggest strength. I encourage all my clients to dive into what it means to be a powerfully vulnerable human as it’s from that place that you will create your greatest life’s work. Take a deep breath – bring it on by leaning in to your pain and fear and you’ll find your infinite potential on the other side.

My clients include CEO’s of major multi-nationals, executives, mothers returning to the workplace, entrepreneurs, nomadic workers and co-creators, world-class actors, classical singers, stage and feature film directors, and probably someone just like you. They all have one thing in common – all suspect that more is possible in their world and that with the right support they can live in to that wonderful possibility.

But trust me, it isn’t all hard work. It’s fun, too! I love what I do. Work and play are often the same for me.

That may look like experiencing a greater depth to your relationships than you could ever have imagined, creating seven figure businesses and truly world-changing projects, finding a deeper sense of purpose and connection to yourself and to others, or many other rich and positive outcomes that come from having a powerful, intuitive coach who champions you, supports you and kicks your ass just where it’s needed.


Nothing has to be the way it’s always been.
Within every moment is the possibility for change.


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