You. Me. Us. - Relationship program

Me. You. Us.
Relationship | Intimacy | Love


A powerful 6-month group journey for both men and women.
Starting November 2017, London, UK and online.

Deepen your experience of your relationship with yourself, your partner
(or future partner) and your life.


Places are strictly limited to 6 men and 6 women.
Apply now to secure your spot.



Whether you’re in a relationship or not, the chances are you will be like the millions of people who struggle to find fulfilment in the areas of relationship, intimacy and sex. Many people we speak to find aspects of these areas incredibly challenging and often feel lost and alone in their experience. Over the years we have both been on powerfully transformational journeys of discovery in this realm and now we bring our ongoing learning and understanding to teaching this exciting program that we would love you to join us on.


Me. You. Us. Relationship Journey


Happiness, love, appreciation, desire, deep connection and great sex.
That’s what an intimate relationship is about, isn’t it..?


Except for many that relationship is elusive, either in that it’s not at all present in your life, or that you desire more from your intimate partner that you are currently experiencing.


Frustrating isn’t it?


This program is for you if you can answer yes to two or more of these questions:

Are you attracting the ‘wrong’ partners, no partner, or in an unfulfilling relationship?

Does sex often not feel enough, perhaps it’s even disappointing?

Do you struggle to meet the ‘one’?

Are you letting your doubts and fears block you from the intimacy that you want?

Do you want to create a together that still gives you time alone?

Do you crave deeper love and/or a relationship that sets your life alight?

Do you desire to be seen more fully by your partner or in life?

Are you fed up of always wanting more or different?

Are you confused by jealousy or worried about a desire to be with other people?

Do you find yourself or your partner experiencing a lack of presence and connection?

Are you convinced that there is so much more to relationships but you just don’t know how to create it?


There is a solution!

If you feel ready to create a meaningful and long-lasting change in your life, join us for this 6-month journey where you will be supported in diving in and learning how you can experience transformational sex, love and intimacy.



Me. You. Us. - Relationship Couple walking on beach


Me. You. Us. 

6 Months
12 People
8 Online calls
3 Evening Food For Thought Dinner experiences
2 In-person Deep Dive Intensive Workshops
Buddy coaching
A Private, Secret Facebook Group for you to Connect, Support, Be Supported and Explore.

(optional additional one-to-one coaching from Kirsty Hanly and Yaron Engler by special request).

Starts November 2017





Me. You. Us. is a program that will teach you how to shift your paradigms, avoid old habits, actions and patterns of thoughts that no longer serve you and create new ones that will lead you towards the beautiful, passionate, loving and fun relationship you want and can have.

We totally get it if it seems overwhelming, heavy and even scary to open up to this subject. After all, how many opportunities do you have in life to learn about these things? Who do you have in your life right now available to discuss the subjects of sex, intimacy, love and passion in a completely open and honest way?

This program is a rare opportunity for you to spend time with a group of women and men and dive deep and get answers to all the questions you have about this subject.

We have spent hundreds of hours, days and months exploring the subject of intimacy. Being in the program will give you the access to knowledge, tools and practices that will help you create the relationship that you want. By using the resources and the tools you’ll get in the program you will see very shortly how things that right now seem so scary, overwhelming, heavy and even impossible will become like a fun game with lots of laughs mixed with lots of pleasure. The impact of this work will touch all areas of your life.


‘Since I have started working with Yaron I have seen huge changes. I have connected with a woman on a much deeper level than I thought possible, and enjoyed better sex with her than I imagined possible. The changes are still going on (and I suspect will always) but I am much more in tune with my real self and spend much less time hiding.’  – Ed Trotter


Me. You. Us (1)

‘I feel like I am finally healing and able to move forward and closer with my partner. I never understood when people said that this fucking mess could actually make for a stronger relationship and finally I am actually believing it can!’ – Vic Hoyland



“Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” -Rumi



Over this time together we will be going deep into who you are, who the ‘other’ is for you, and what that means for how you can come together with another in a conscious, heartfelt, open way that feels good for your soul and for your life in a wider context.

You will stretch your capacity to think, feel and connect in a safe, supportive, fun and challenging group so you can explore who you are and what you want, break through your limitations, heal deeply and open your life to new and exciting experiences that may just provide the shift in experience that could change everything in your world.


How to apply:

Places are limited as we will be carefully curating this group of 6 men and 6 women to make it as impactful for each participant as possible.  It is by application and invitation only.  please click on the box below and send us a message letting us know a bit about why this appeals to you and you will then be contacted to arrange a conversation where we can explore further.

We really look forward to meeting you soon. 




About Yaron and Kirsty

Yaron Engler - You Me us

Yaron Engler is a coach, teacher, husband and father and world-class musician who, as one of his clients once said, brings people back to themselves. For over 20 years he has lived and toured around the world. This long journey opened both his eyes and his heart in ways that he now uses to serve other people.

Through his men’s groups, public speaking, workshops and one on one work Yaron helps people remove their barriers of thoughts and repression of emotions and create instead the most direct path for their journey towards a more fulfilling life. 

“There are times in a man’s life when to be disrupted is the most powerful thing that can happen to him. I help people peel away the burden of living the lies and instead find a deeper loving connection to themselves and others and to the strength and truth of who they are.”


Kirsty Hanly - Coach

Kirsty Hanly is a coach, cognitive hypnotherapist, teacher, writer and speaker. Her mission is to guide people toward living more inspired and inspiring lives – in their careers, in their relationships and sex and in how they move in the world – able to become lit from the inside. Kirsty specialises in helping people to let go of their unconscious blocks to success to enable them to shine their light brightly in order to create more love, connection and harmony in the world that we live in. Over the past few years, Kirsty has been on a deep journey on the theme of connection, love and intimacy in her own life and with her clients. She has worked personally with a variety of teachers, and practitioners in this area and recently has been deepening her understanding into the work of David Deida which she gladly brings to this program.

“Exploring the masculine and feminine energies that we all hold is transformational in creating beautiful, open-hearted deeply connected relationships. In this program, I will guide you to finding out about yourself and the other in your life (or the one you would like to attract) in order to begin to create the relationship, love and sexual intimacy that your deepest heart desires.”