Inspired Leadership Coaching

Are you, or would you like to be an Inspired Leader?

How would things be different if you connected more deeply to the passion of what you do, freed to be more of the best you can be, enabled to make stronger decisions, or related more powerfully to your employees, team or life partner?

How would that translate into success, into revenue, into a sense of personal and professional achievement, into stepping into who you can REALLY be?

I coach people who can change the world.

They may look like MD’s, CEOs, social entrepreneurs, feature film directors, world class speakers, conductors, but all of them have something in common. They know that more is possible.

Leadership coaching is for:

  • Driven individuals making a difference in the world or who would like to.
  • Passionate about what they do.
  • Willing to take risks and make mistakes in order to realise their dream.
  • Playing to what others often see as a high level but often not finding the real stretch for themselves.
  • Often surrounded by people who agree with them rather than those who are willing to be real with them.



  • If even if they don’t realise how, more is possible for them personally, professionally and in the positive impact they can make.
  • They have fears that hold them back and fears that drive them.  The very same things that have got them to where they are today are also holding them back from moving to the next level in their lives.
  • To align their personal and professional lives would make all the difference in what they are able to create.
  • They often need to learn to make space for themselves – to create, to vision, and to connect with their mission more powerfully – to learn to put their own oxygen mask on first in order to support their mission.


More is Possible.

The people I work with do not need a coach but by hiring one their world changes. If this resonates with you then we should talk. Contact me here to begin the conversation that could change your world and maybe even the wider world, for good.

What my clients have to say