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Leadership Coaching
Ignite Your Inner Inspired Leader

You are already a leader in your career and in your life, but are you the most inspired, powerful, ignited leader that you can be?

  • Are you, like many others achieving to a point that others are impressed but you feel that more, or different is possible?
  • Do you feel the pressure to have it all together all of the time?
  • Are you surrounded by people who tell you what they think you want to hear rather than what is actually going on?
  • Do you ever suffer from ‘Imposter Syndrome’?
  • Perhaps you are tired somehow in your mind and in your body in reaction to what isn’t quite working?

Would you like to find another way?

  • How would things be different if you connected more deeply to the passion of what you do, freed to be more of the best you can be, enabled to make stronger decisions, or related more powerfully to your employees, team or life partner?
  • How would that translate into success, into revenue, into a sense of personal and professional achievement, into stepping into who you can REALLY be

When was the last time you even created space to reflect on these questions?

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Who is it for?

I coach people who are feeling held back or uninspired in some way, people who are changing their lives and their interactions in order change the world they live in and the universal experience. I work with people who know it’s time to move into being a powerful inspired leader. I work with people who are ready to create a more meaningful, ignited way.

Each person I coach is a unique individual and from differing worlds – MD’s, CEOs, social entrepreneurs, feature film directors, agents, conductors. But all of them have something in common. They all have a sense that more and different is possible. They all have a sense that until this point something has been missing.

Time for Difference?

To inquire about how you can work one-to-one with me drop me a line here telling me of your current experience and outlining why you are ready for change. We can then create a conversation that could be the start of your journey to ignited, inspired leadership.

 Leadership coaching is for:

  • Individuals making a difference in their world or who would like to.
  • People who are passionate about what they do.
  • Leaders who are in, or would like to be in a high performing growth mindset.
  • People who are working to what others often see as a high level but have a sense that there’s something missing.
  • Perhaps they are surrounded by people who agree with them rather than those who are willing to be real with them.


  • If even if they don’t realise how, more is possible for them personally, professionally and in the positive impact they can make.
  • They have things that hold them back but are also the very reason they got to where they are today. 
  • To align their personal and professional lives would make all the difference in what they are able to create.
  • People who would benefit from making quality space for themselves – to create, to vision, and to connect with their mission more powerfully – to learn to put their own oxygen mask on first!

Stepping into Inspired Leadership

The people I work with do not need a coach but by hiring one their world changes. They are ready to move from “things are OK”, to living and leading inspired.  If any of this resonates with you then we should definitely talk. Contact me here to begin the conversation that could change your world and maybe even the wider world, for good.

Ignite Your Powerful Leader – 3 Month Leadership Coaching Programme

The first step is ignition. Spend 3 months diving into this powerful one-to-one experience to work into:

  • Understanding yourself as a leader – now. What is your leadership style, what is important to you? What works and what doesn’t?
  • Getting real: How are you seen, how do you see yourself? Is it true?
  • Getting clear on conscious and unconscious patterns that serve you and those that hold you back. learn how to transform and let go of those blockers to success.
  • Learn to connect into the deepest motivation for inspired leading and achieving.
  • Gain tools and understanding to create relationships that powerfully serve your mission.
  • Learn how to be a BIG creator of your positive reality. 
  • The next steps: What else now becomes possible..? Inspired integration.

3 months

1 deep-dive intensive
2 on-to-one sessions per month
Regular email check-ins
£5500 + VAT

Leadership Coaching: Ignition Day

A bespoke day to dive deeper into a core theme igniting who you are as a leader

If you would like to explore a key theme or issue that you are currently facing in your role as a leader this is a perfect opportunity for you to do so in a safe, confidential expert environment. All people in leadership roles have a commonality that links them: they are all having a human experience in what is essentially a logical process. Let’s dive into how you can optimise your experience to perform at your highest level, feel more connected to yourself and to others and let go of what it is that holds you back.

1 day
In person or online.
4 x laser coaching sessions to follow up

£2500 + VAT

To have an initial conversation to discuss if this programme is right for you first send a message via the connect page here, telling me a bit about where you are in your life and your career currently – how things are for you and how you would like them to be.  Please note that I endeavour to respond within 5 working days. All messages are strictly confidential.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Warmest wishes,

Kirsty Hanly -

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