One-To-One Coaching

Private coaching (one-to-one coaching in person or via Skype or telephone)

Many people contact me looking for some kind of package, but I don’t like to work that way. You are an individual and if you work with me you will receive a truly individual treatment. I create bespoke programmes for each of my clients, so we will talk, I will get a sense of what you need, and then I will create a way that we can work together that suits you, your lifestyle and what it is that you want to create.

I only work with a maximum of 5 clients at a time in this way.  So we will slow things down to make sure we are a ‘Hell Yes!’ for each other.  If it feels big, if it feels a bit scary, if you are worried about the financial commitment – then good, we are on the right track! It shouldn’t be an easy decision to work with me but for those who do it is life changing.

This way of working is an investment in yourself and in your life.  To coach with me starts from £3000 to upwards of £60,000 for an intensive bespoke package over a year. I love working in beautiful locations with my clients where the modality for change is already present. For a bespoke, deep dive programme in California, Bali, or your favourite incredible location please contact me for more on how we can put together what would be a truly magical programme for you.

But of course no-one has a budget for coaching or therapy. My clients often have to get creative with how to fund moving to the next step in their lives, however, I find that those who stretch themselves the most in their thinking of what’s possible have the most incredible, life changing experience because they have already proved to themselves that magic can happen.

And it can be that in creating what it takes, life has already shifted far, far beyond what they thought possible. And I know this because I’ve experienced just that. The power of YOU is amazingly exciting!

Now offering one-to-one exclusive ‘Nurturing for Growth’ coaching day intensives. Click here for more details.

So you already have friends and you don’t necessarily NEED a coach but if you have a sense that by having one incredible things could happen, then we should talk.


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