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Group Coaching Salon for Coaches and Therapists - Inspiring Lives Coaching

The Connected Success Salon for Coaches and Therapists

An online coaching program specifically for coaches and therapists looking to take their life, their work and their income to the next level of success.


Would you like to connect to a deeper possibility of who you can be and what you can create?

Do you have a sense that more is possible for yourself and even for your clients?

For me the definition of success is a simple one.  It is living a deeply connected life of purpose that is reflected in the positive impact I am able to make.

What’s yours?


The Created Success Salon is a six-month program for driven individuals willing to take action to create an incredible experience – learning how when you understand yourself more fully, when you connect more deeply to your passion and purpose, when you let go of the ways in which you hold yourself and your life back, incredible things become possible.

Join me and a small group of committed individuals on this deep dive coaching program, starting February 2016, where you will have the opportunity to explore, learn and be challenged on how you can connect deeper to yourself and the things that matter in your life in order to create the life you really want to live.

This program is for you if:

You love what you do AND have a sense that more is possible.

You love learning, growing and exploring.

You would like to grow your practice and your level of income.

You would like to challenge yourself and the stories that hold you back in order to reach greater success in your life and your work.

You want to connect to a project or big dream that would change your world.

You’d like richer, more successful relationships.

You’d like to discover how to connect to your deepest desires and to really ask for what you want.

Who you choose to be is everything

Connection + Action = Success

What you will experience in this group:

Bi-weekly group mastermind calls.

Group coaching and one-to-one coaching in the group setting.

Virtually unlimited email support from me.

Laser coaching to support you through any blocks that you may encounter along the way.

A dedicated coaching/therapists buddy to support you, guide you and share in the journey.

A private secret Facebook group where you can explore, be challenged and be supported.

You will be supported in this community for the entire 6 month program whilst you connect to the magic of who you can truly be and what you can create in the world as a result of that.  Sometimes the journey may be tough. To be clear, this program isn’t for everyone. You will be stretched and challenged and growth WILL happen.

Because people who work with me experience incredible results.

One client recently created close to £1 million in 90 days by learning to listen to his inner guidance and understanding how he can take direct action in a way that is aligned with his core strengths.

Another high achieving client deeply healed her relationship with herself and discovered a vision for a business that will change her world and that of thousands of others.

And many more have created more successful relationships, thriving practices, let go of the things that have held them back for many years, found a greater sense of well-being and happiness, learned to understand how to connect to an intuitive sense that can guide them deeply and powerfully and created a life that previously they hadn’t even dreamt possible.

The investment for working with me on this program is far less than working with me in a deep coaching program.

Your investment for the Salon is £4997 if paid in full upfront, or you can pay in 4 instalments of £1597.  And those who’ve worked with me will tell you it’s worth far more than that.

But of course no-one has a budget for coaching. It’s all about how much you want to connect deeper and what that means for your life.  I would expect the type of people who join this salon will, at the very least, double their investment over the course of our work together and, if you set the intention to do so, I can support you on creating 10 times that figure.  Because I’ve done just that by being more true to myself and to the needs of my clients than I ever have been.  And by serving more deeply than I ever thought possible, because I’ve let go of the layers that were getting in the way. It’s an incredible way to work.

How to apply:

I will be carefully curating this group to make it as impactful for each participant as possible.  It is by application and invitation only.  If you are interested in joining us please drop me a line here telling me a bit about yourself, where you are currently at in your life, and why you are drawn to apply.  You will then be contacted to arrange a conversation where we can explore further.