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The Magical Power of Fear – Kirsty Hanly’s TEDx Talk

Kirsty was asked to speak at TEDx in November 2014. Her topic was on how by leaning into your greatest fears and letting go of your limiting beliefs you can feel the power of who you can really be in the world.

The Secret of Created Success

What would it mean to step in to the power of who you can really be?  As part of the Be Extraordinary speaker series, I had the opportunity to discuss the deep stuff underneath that creates real change and what holds people back from getting more out of life, leaving a legacy and creating something bigger than yourself.

Being Lit from the Inside

This is the ultimate goal for myself and my clients.  As part of Spirit Pig’s podcast series ‘7 Billion People Living Fulfilled Lives – learn more about fear, the unconscious mind and the power of cognitive hypnotherapy.

Placing Your Feet on the Ocean Floor – Kirsty Hanly’s talk for 4PC

In October 2015, Kirsty gave a talk in Los Angeles. She had a topic and a plan. This is what it looks like to let go of those things – of what’s expected of you – and connect to who you truly are. ‘Be You’ is the message of this powerful, inspirational talk.

Creating Connections

In order to feel who it is important to create connection to yourself and to others. Here Kirsty talks of what this can mean for your life.

Who would you be if..?

Who would you be if you let go of those stories you tell yourself? Kirsty talks about the importance of creating stories that support rather than undermine what you want to achieve.


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