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Transformational Coaching and Cognitive Hypnotherapy Can Change Your World

With Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Transformational Coaching you can simply move on from what has been holding you back and create a life of flow, passion and purpose.

Are you ready to connect to so much more of who you can be?

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My clients come from many different walks of life. From politics, business, the entertainment industry, the media and law, they all have one thing in common: a desire to clarify their voice in the world, move aligned to their true purpose and realise the full potential of who they can be.  


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You are exceptional. Using the powerful combination of deep, intuitive transformational coaching and Cognitive Hypnotherapy I enjoy helping to guide my clients towards their highest potential. The only limits are what you believe to be possible. 

Please feel free to look around this site and then drop me a line. I’d love to hear how things are for you and how you would like them to be. Let’s begin the conversation that can change your world.

Love and warm wishes,
Kirsty Hanly - www.InspiringLivesCoaching.com



I look forward to hearing from you soon and to being part of your journey going forward.

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